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Bringing you treasures that are truely... one-of-a-kind! hard to find! nostalgic! rare! sentimental!

Collectors Corner is the “One Stop Shop” for those who love and appreciate treasures from the past.

We are dedicated pickers that cater to our customers by seeking out vintage, antique, and valuable items that are otherwise hard to find or… one-of-a-kind. We strive to research the history of all items we discover whenever and wherever possible in order to share the story behind each and every piece.

After all… the story or memory it triggers is what it’s all about isn’t it? 😉

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My favourite finds are often vintage pieces with a story to tell

What our customers are saying

Holly cow, what an assortment of cool and interesting stuff.
Perfect place for picking up that perfect gift. All I can say is WOW!

Tracy Polansky

What a great shop… they have a bit of everything here.
Great people to deal with too! Thanks for the hospitality!

Dave VanBergen

Great deals here for sure. Very fair and reasonable prices too.
I’ll be back for more… no doubt!

Taylor Rosen

 Attention all my collectible and antique lovers. Collectors Corner has everything you could possibly be looking for. Check it out… Trust me, you will not be disappointed!

Cherrell Eastwood-Tetrault