Inventory Sale Offer Form

Submitting an Offer

  1. By filling out this form and submitting an offer,  it is understood that you are NOT obligated to purchase.
  2. By filling out this form and submitting an offer, it is your intent to purchase should your offer be successful and accepted by the seller.
  3. By filling out this form and submitting an offer, you agree that all information provided by you through this form is true, accurate and correct.

Winning Offer

  1. If your offer is accepted, we will contact you directly to arrange payment and shipping or pick-up options
  2. If your offer is successful and has been accepted by the seller, a small deposit will be required to secure the order and cease all further sales.
  3. If shipping is your preference, we will ship the entire collection to you free of charge (within local area only). Shipping option will require payment in full prior to shipping.
  4. If pick-up is your preference, the balance may be arranged to be paid upon arrival for pick-up.
  5. Due to the value of the transaction, terms of final payment will be arranged with the buyer on a case-by-case basis in order to accommodate the buyers financial means for a successful final payment and ensure an honest and transparent transaction that is comfortable for both parties.